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Rear window blinds

Eyebrows on the headlights

To seconds to buffer

Barbecues and grills

Enlargement, reperaturki, wings

Glasses in the headlights


Masks, extension, badlook

Spoilers, bumpers - Front

Spoilers, bumpers - Rear

Roof Spoilers

Rear hatch spoiler

Air inlets

Complete Bodykit


Roof Side

Lamps, reflekory

Mirrors, overlay / mirrors Tuning / Seitenspiegeln Abdeckung, Sports Spiegeln

Shift knob / gear knobs

Handles, Overlay / Tur Griffen / clock panel Doors


Doloty entrusts / air power also in

Lowering Springs



Blanks headlights / Front Cover headlihts / Scheinwerfer Blanks

CHROME - internal sill / door sill cover edelstahl / Einsteigeleisten steell


The interior, seats, side panels / The Inneren, Polster, Bauch / Inside, upholstery, Bellies

BRA - cover the front bonnet / hood protection, front cover / Motorhaube Wache / Cofano

Rubber mats / Gummimatten, Fussmatten, Matten, Schmutzmatten / Rubber mats, Overmats

Side, side window guards / side window guards, wind deflectors / Seitenfenster Wachen

Side moldings / Seitenpanels / Side panels

Mechanics / Mechanica

Roof above the front window, sun visor / Sonnenblende / Sun Protector

RALLY CARS - facilities / equipment / Ausrüstung / оборудование

Rally dashboards / Race light Cocpit / Ultra racing daschboard

The protective plate under the engine / front bumper engine protection guard / Motorschutzbügel

Reperaturki body / Korrekturelemente Karosserien reperaturen / repair elements bodyshells


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VW T4 Transporter, Bus, Multivan, Doka, Westfalia - dywaniki gumowe, przednie / Fußmatten Schmutzmatten vorne / Rubber mats Overmats front / Резиновые коврики переднего

Price: 24,18 £

VW T4 Transporter, Bus, Multivan, Doka, Westphalia - rubber floor mats, front / Gummimatten Fussmatten Matten Schmutzmatten vorne / Rubber mats front Overmats / Резиновые коврики переднего / Gumové rohože Přední / Gummi Matter phosphate / Kummist ees / Kumimatot Edessa / Tapis en caoutchouc avant / Ελαστικά χαλάκια μπροστά / Caucho delantero alfombras / Rubberen tarts vooraan / Gummimattor fram / Гумові килимки спереду / Gumi szőnyegek elöl / Tappetini in gomma anteriore - TC-D0086

Product / description / info:
Color / color: black / black
Rubber mats fit a Volkswagen Bus T-4. Rugs of high quality rubber.
thick reinforcement in critical areas
rigid edge
a perfect fit
Tailored to the particular model
The deep grille
Strengthening thick underfoot
Product formowy - NO sewing and gluing
Do not slip on the floor
Status: raw,
Material: Rubber / rubber
Price: 1 set (2 pcs) / 1 set (2 pcs)

Notes: new product, suitable only for models of Volkswagen T-3 from 1979 to 1991.
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Shipping costs / shipping cost:
according to the price list by courier service (only for national delivery - international delivery cost-You have in the proforma invoice, about 15 Euro. Please ask on e-mail)

1) a deposit account - 19 zł (to be added to the price of goods for payment)

Availability / delivery: shipping up to 5 days from date of order

Forms of contracts / order forms:

1) from the store - (registered and registered users)
2) SMS - giving full details and payment (+48 889091198)
3) e-mail - provide comprehensive data and payment e-mail

Payment / payment:

1) PAYPAL - only for international delivery
2) a payment on account - in the title indicate the number of payment orders from the panel:

Invoice: by mail order must be given to issue an invoice

We offer tuning parts and accessories for all models of cars:
- Bumpers, front bumper, rear

- Side skirts

- Topped, spoilers, bumpers

- Body kit

- Bonnet (option: carbon)

- The tailgate (option: carbon)

- Lightweight doors

- Air inlet (optional: carbon)

- The engine cover (kevlar, carbon)

- Boot lid spoiler (option: carbon)

- Door panels (optional: carbon)

- Fender, front fenders

- Widening fenders, plates extending

- Tuning Accessories

- Sport air filters

- Grid tuning, aluminum and ABS

- Rubber mats

- ABS wheel arch cover

- ABS motor cover

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