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Rear window blinds

Eyebrows on the headlights

To seconds to buffer

Barbecues and grills

Enlargement, reperaturki, wings

Glasses in the headlights


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Spoilers, bumpers - Front

Spoilers, bumpers - Rear

Roof Spoilers

Rear hatch spoiler

Air inlets

Complete Bodykit


Roof Side

Lamps, reflekory

Mirrors, overlay / mirrors Tuning / Seitenspiegeln Abdeckung, Sports Spiegeln

Shift knob / gear knobs

Handles, Overlay / Tur Griffen / clock panel Doors


Doloty entrusts / air power also in

Lowering Springs



Blanks headlights / Front Cover headlihts / Scheinwerfer Blanks

CHROME - internal sill / door sill cover edelstahl / Einsteigeleisten steell


The interior, seats, side panels / The Inneren, Polster, Bauch / Inside, upholstery, Bellies

BRA - cover the front bonnet / hood protection, front cover / Motorhaube Wache / Cofano

Rubber mats / Gummimatten, Fussmatten, Matten, Schmutzmatten / Rubber mats, Overmats

Side, side window guards / side window guards, wind deflectors / Seitenfenster Wachen

Side moldings / Seitenpanels / Side panels

Mechanics / Mechanica

Roof above the front window, sun visor / Sonnenblende / Sun Protector

RALLY CARS - facilities / equipment / Ausrüstung / оборудование

Rally dashboards / Race light Cocpit / Ultra racing daschboard

The protective plate under the engine / front bumper engine protection guard / Motorschutzbügel

Reperaturki body / Korrekturelemente Karosserien reperaturen / repair elements bodyshells


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SUBARU IMPREZA GC - elektrownia, panel halogenów, lamp pod, rampe de phares, ditch light panel, rally sport

Price: 161,41 £

  Subaru Impreza GC rally car  - elektrownia, panel halogenów rajdowych, obudowa, mocowanie dodatkowych świateł na pokrywie silnika / Панель питания галогенные митинг, корпус, монтаж дополнительные фары на капоте / power panel halogen rally, housing, mounting additional lights on the bonnet / Power Panel Halogen-Rallye, Gehäuse, Montage Zusatzscheinwerfer auf der Motorhaube / võimsus paneel halogeen ralli, eluaseme, paigaldus lisatuled kapotil / voima paneeli halogeeni ralli, asuminen, asennus lisävalot konepellin / puissance panneau de rallye halogène, le logement, le montage des feux supplémentaires sur le capot / panel de rally halógeno, la vivienda, el montaje luces adicionales en el capó / teljesítmény panel halogén rally, a lakhatás, a szerelés további fények a motorháztető / Pannello potenza raduno alogeno, abitazioni, montaggio luci supplementari sul cofano, lamp pod kit driving lamps, rampe de phares - TC-ELE-IMPREZA-GC8-01

Product symbol: TC-ELE-IMPREZA GC-01
•Made from GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) , GFK ( Glass fiber kunstoffe ). All parts are prepainting, ready for painting. Product is NEW ! This product is replica OEM - sport parts.
•All products must be carefully checked and prepared prior to paint and installation.
•Buyers by purchasing accept that some items may require adaptations to enable a perfect fit.
•Resistant to weather and temperatures extremes.Excellent quality, vey well fit
•We strongly advice that the product should be installed in a appropriate manner by a competent person i.e. an expert.
Montaż / fiting : klejenie + wkręty / glue +(or) screw ( not included in set ), 
Kolor / colour: czarny / black  - podkładowany, pre-painting
Certificate: no ABE, no TUV, no Materialgutachten
Lamps: NOT included, nie są w zestawie
Producent: Tuning Centrum TC-Autodesign
Made in EU: Poland
Opakowanie / packing: własne producenta, folia strech, karton
CUSTOMER SERVICE - basic information
We have been on the market since 1993, so we guarantee our quality as a trading partner. We make the highest quality efforts to make our products meet the expectations of our customers, which is why we are on the market and we can fulfill your dream of a happy purchase. We work for our clients - we love you :-)
Goods are shipped within 5-12 business days of receiving full payment.
The shipment is carried out by DPD or Poczta Polska courier.
We are a producer and we need time to manufacture your product, all goods are produced in Europe, maintaining the highest quality standards.
We do not sell imported goods, for example from China
We are always available to our clients.
If you made a wrong purchase or the product has been damaged
in transport, or maybe it doesn't meet your expectations?
Always stay in touch with us - we'll find a solution to your problem.
Phone: +48 889091198, Monday-Friday 8: 00-16: 00, GMT time +1
Mobil: +48 889091198 (8:00 - 16:00) GMT +1
e-mail -
Faktura VAT: w e-mailu należy podać dane do wystawienia faktury.
We are producer - you buy direct from made company !!!
W ofercie posiadamy poszerzenia błotnikow, zderzaki, progi, spoilery, daszki do innych modeli aut. Lekkie elementy OEM
do sportu samochodowego, drifting'u, wyścigow:
pokrywy silnika, pokrywy bagażnika, maski, błotniki, drzwi, itp.
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